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A Book Festival For Bookworms

The annual Poughkeepsie Book Festival brought 49 authors and illustrators from the tri-state area to share their stories and illustrations in Poughkeepsie. The Book Festival took place at Poughkeepsie High School on April 2, 2022, and was organized by the Poughkeepsie Public Library District.

Photo Caption: (Book illustrator Nina Crews at the Poughkeepsie Book Festival)

Student Ambassadors from Poughkeepsie High School and Our Lady of Lourdes High School we’re excited to welcome visitors to the Book Festival on Saturday. Rover, the library’s mascot also attended and posed for some photos. Informational booths about community organizations like the Art Effect were set up to spread the word about their new programs.

Photo Captions Left to Right: (Student Ambassadors Maritza, Santana, and Saniya /Rover the library mascot taking photos with kids/ Media Educator Zach Reid from the Art Effect talking to parents and students)

The library’s development officer Bradley Diuguid told The Goodie Drop that by noon, more than 400 people had already stopped by the event. Diuguid also said the library plans to do this again next year and they were really happy with the turnout. Fishkill resident Shadei Williams attended and wrote a book about her life experiences to “inspire and empower other people”. Illustrator Nina Crews used the “Walkway Over The Hudson” as inspiration for the book she illustrated, “A Girl Like Me”.

Photo Captions Left to Right: (Author Shadei Williams with her book "I Have This, This Doesn't Have Me"/ Student Ambassadors Mahalia with Poughkeepsie School Superintendent Dr. Eric Jay Rosser and Esteban the green crayon / Nina Crews with her illustration of the Poughkeepsie Landscape in the book "A Girl Like Me."

"The Poughkeepsie landscape view from the Walkway Over The Hudson inspired me to create this illustration". - Nina Crews

Local Authors & Illustrators Get Inspired...

Local authors and illustrators are encouraged to be a part of the Book Festival next year. Look for the announcement and many other upcoming events on the website:


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